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Career Change

In the current climate, many successful executives are facing important career and life changing decisions. Career change can appear inevitable and may come about at times of other uncertainty. Difficult choices need to be made, implications and outcomes need to be considered, and new journeys started.


For some, the freedom to make positive choices opens up the possibility of finding a new meaning and a new balance.


"Coaching for Career Change" aims to facilitate the process of understanding what is happening, understanding how it impacts and of making the tough decisions as you begin a new journey.


In "Coaching for Career Change" I work directly and confidentially with individuals to:


  • Understand the changes that are faced.

  • Understand and deal with the implications of stress, worry and uncertainty.

  • Cope with the change and deal with resistances.

  • Explore options and address the choices to be made.


Change may be inevitable, but dealing with it is a process that will benefit from professional coaching.



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