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How Moonbeam Coaching works


I will work closely with you to support you in finding your own solutions in the belief that you have it within your own resources to find the answer. But like most people, you will benefit from having this process facilitated by an experienced competent coach.


The coaching engagement will start with an initial consultation, either with you as an executive/business owner hoping to find solutions for yourself, or to provide support to a member of your team.


We will agree how the engagement will work, either with you or as a three way contract with your employer. We will discuss ground rules and guidelines on confidentiality and reporting.


I will seek to understand your objectives and topics of interest and together we will seek movement, solutions and most importantly outcomes.


You may seek to resolve your issues in just a few sessions or you may wish to engage in a longer term support package. It's up to you. Standard sessions typically run for 1-2 hours. These can be supplemented with inputs such as peer feedback, profiling etc.


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