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First 100 Days Coaching Programme

The First 100 Days of a new role provide a unique opportunity for leaders to listen, learn and establish credibility at an early stage. How leaders act during this crucial period will impact greatly on future direction, strategy, relationships and effectiveness.


This individual coaching programme aims to accelerate full engagement and to deliver high impact leadership at an early stage in new roles.


Participants benefit from a coaching and facilitation approach to gain insight into the role, their objectives, priorities, strategy and leadership style.


Taking a person centred approach, the customised programme focuses on the individual in order for them to develop a deep understanding of the new assignment. It aims to facilitate the taking of action addressing specific challenges in the new role.

The term "First 100 Days" has become synonymous with the critical initial period of political office where daily scrutiny is applied to behaviours and achievements of new political leaders. Described as working in a fishbowl, business leaders in new roles are often subject to the same attention by bosses, colleagues and team members. Yet few receive the supports needed to excel during this time.

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