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From my time as a professional coach, I have both experienced and come to understand the benefits that qualified professional coaching can bring to individuals, in particular to those experiencing change, new challenges and times of stress.


For many, the feeling of "being stuck" can occur in everyday situations but for those in that position, these times can be particularly difficult. Making decisions, achieving movement or taking action can prove stressful.


Coaching is not just remedial. Turning to a coach is not an admission of failure.


For even the most able and successful, coaching is just a better way of being supported, seeking understanding and of sounding out their own thoughts, feelings and ideas.


My philosophy suggests that the coaching process of  building awareness can be healing for the person as he/she strives for wellbeing, balance, and meaning.


My pro-bono work is aimed at bringing the benefit of coaching to individuals whose financial situation would otherwise see them pass coaching by as a solution to the topic they need help with.


I am committed to always contributing  a percentage of my time to people who can benefit in this way and I will typically be working with at least one client on this basis at any time.


If you or someone you know would like to be considered for this programme on a pro-bono or reduced rate basis, please contact me using the email form below. As always, all dealings with Moonbeam Consulting are handled within strict guidelines of confidentiality.

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