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Team trust


Developing a culture of trust and truthfulness is a cornerstone of building and maintaining a high performance culture among organisational teams.


High performance teams characteristically accomplish things better, faster and easier than less high performing teams. Executives respond with greater levels of collaboration, commitment and improved communication, even in the toughest times; resulting in better alignment of action and buy-in to change, renewal and creativity.


But trust often doesn’t develop by itself. Conditions need to be right and many executives will withhold placing complete trust on the table. Without a high degree of trust, the full potential of the team will be restricted. It can feel like pressing the accelerator while others apply the handbrake.


Trust develops from individual team members. I believe that individuals must deal with their un-ease before

moving on to gift the full benefits of their trust to the team.


Coaching individuals towards better communication, feedback and honesty can help create the right framework to guide executive teams towards greater heights.


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Team trust