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What is coaching

Coaching is a discipline that struggles with itself to be defined. Talking with prospective clients I find that there are many varied understandings of what coaching is and of what it does. Often the term “coach” is, in my mind, inappropriately applied to trainers, consultants and many other professions.


Coaching could be said to stretch back as far as Socrates in 400BC, whose philosophy was founded on asking questions with the

aim of building insight and awareness of the issue.


Coaching as we know it today developed through the schools of psychology of the 60’s, sports psychology of the 70’s and into widespread business use in the 80’s and 90’s. A tennis coach, Timothy Gallwey, is often credited with popularising the coaching approach to learning through his seminal text in 1974 “ The Inner Game of Tennis” and subsequently “..of Golf” and “..of Work”.


Core to inner game coaching is an understanding that awareness, and in particular self-awareness is the key agent of change.


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