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What's involved in First 100 Days Coaching

Your programme will typically involve approximately 6 to 8 coaching sessions supported by phone and email contact over your first 100 days. We won't just apply a set programme but will tailor our engagement to how you want to approach it.


Objectives for the engagement will be agreed between us at the outset.


Your initial contracting session may include your line manager or a member of your HR team.


You may choose to seek feedback from various sources including peers, past colleagues and team members.  Feedback can provide an invaluable insight into how you might deal with the challenges ahead. We can work with this infomation in the programme.


We undertake to work within strict guidelines of confidentiality and to agree our approach with you at the start of the engagement.


Our coaching is practiced in accordance with the Code of Ethics administered by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council ((EMCC).


Find out more from Barry on 087 2574136 or barryosullivan@moonbeam.ie

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