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Addressing your First 100 Days needs

The First 100 Day Programme addresses your needs and the needs of your organisation. It addresses the need....


  • To engage fully with the new role quickly

  • To have a high impact early on in the new leadership role

  • To make a confident transition from previous roles

  • To feel fully supported by the organisation at the time of taking on significant new challenges

  • For a new leader to develop a deep understanding and take action on all aspects that impact on leadership success.

  • To develop a deeper understanding of key objectives, plan strategy, engage others and communicate effectively at an early stage.

  • To seek feedback, understand strengths and address development needs.

  • To seek appropriate supports from those available.


And it addresses....


  • The preference to reduce dependence on external coaching within a predefined timeframe.

  • The challenge for the the manager to provide sufficient support and fact-to-face time to the new team member.

Find out more from Barry on 087 2574136 or barryosullivan@moonbeam.ie

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